Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reading update

Even though I've been busy as hell with the semester, I've managed to get some reading done in the last few weeks. Almost two months ago, I took a page from Mark Scroggins and other to think about just how much I read. Since then, I've finished George Witte's Deniability, W. S. DiPiero's City Dog, Stacy Lynn Brown's Cradle Song (which I plan to review for The Rumpus soon), and I've reread Gabrielle Calvocoressi's Apocalyptic Swing, largely because I'm teaching it in my Poetic Forms class this term.

I've also made it my goal to read things I probably should have read in graduate school but somehow missed, so I've just read Spring and All and I'm working my way through Robert Creeley's Pieces at the suggestion of a close friend. Both of those will require multiple readings, certainly. And I've reread some fun stuff from my youth, thanks to my Stanza app--The Three Musketeers and The King Arthur stories. I'm also working my way through a version of Inferno done by twenty different translators lent to me by my friend Becka McKay.

So I guess that brings my completed total of new (to me) books this year to 7, and total to 9, with many more on my list. Next up (for now): Ann Carson's Oresteia, Heather Hartley's Knock Knock (in part because I named my own manuscript that for a contest or two) and Nick Lantz's We Don't Know We Don't Know.



At February 26, 2010 at 4:16 AM , Blogger Andrew Shields said...

I was just looking at Stanza yesterday and pondering getting it. Do you recommend it?

Word verification: exestud. The exercise stud, that's me (at writing exercises for students, not at getting any exercise).

At February 26, 2010 at 10:20 AM , Blogger Brian S said...

I love it. It was one of the first apps I downloaded for my iPhone and it's stayed on the front page ever since. I've never tried purchasing a book through it, but everything I've downloaded via Gutenberg or the other public domain options has been fine, well, except that the lineation tends to be screwy on the poetry. I've got the Kindle app as well, and it's nice, but it's more of a hassle because you can't buy books--even the free ones--through the app itself. You have to go to Amazon's website.

At February 26, 2010 at 10:50 AM , Blogger Andrew Shields said...

That's a rave review, Brian, thanks!


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