Friday, December 18, 2009

Major changes are afoot

I haven't updated this blog since August, and it's been two weeks since I updated Incertus--obviously, something has to give. Right now, I'm doing a major redesign on the personal website, and I've managed to successfully import this blog into it--for now. I plan to redesign the blog as well, and include a twitter feed and cross-post some Rumpus stuff as well. I'd been limiting this blog to only poetry and writing related posts, but that's likely to change once I get the technical side of things ironed out--expect some goofy videos at the very least.

I'll be updating the blog roll as well, though how extensively will depend on just how fancy I can get with the blog. If I have to stay with a classic template, I'll have very limited options.

Incertus will likely be shuttered for now, and I'll be asking people to update their blog rolls accordingly. I'll try to work out a redirect if I can. When I started that blog nearly six years ago, I did it under a pseudonym because I was worried about harming my job prospects. It didn't take me long to discover that my pseudonym wasn't all that effective. I'm not saying it cost me a chance at a job--I don't think it did, and I've never been asked not to blog by my current employers, though I've been more than a little over the top at times--I'm just saying that it's pretty clear that any bloggers who think they have anonymity online are fooling themselves. All it takes is one determined jerk who doesn't respect your desire to stay anonymous and you're outed. The reality is that the second you engage the online world, you sacrifice some privacy. If you're not willing to do that, better stay off the web, not to mention any social networks, no matter how exclusive.

I built up an audience using that pseudonym, which is why I continued to use it even when my identity was clear--it was a way to separate myself from all the other Brians out there, and I may continue to use it on some of the websites where I comment. But to the extent I blog, I'll be doing it under my own name now



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