Friday, August 1, 2008

Well that was fun

A little redesign, a little movement, a little redirecting of the blog to where it now comes up on my own domain name, which was going largely unused and sitting dormant, and here we are. Note to blogger--if you can get it so we can publish via ftp using the new xml layouts, that would be incredibly awesome. The only drawback to this move was that I had to go back to a classic template, and there's not a lot to choose from out there, classically-speaking.

And I am re-devoting myself to writing about poetry, so this will be updated more regularly in the coming months. I get so wrapped up in politics and pop culture over at Incertus that I tend to let this go sometimes, but I've been reading a lot of poetry--some I've enjoyed and some not so much--and I plan to express that on here a bit more in the future.

Plus, I have a new long poem coming out soon--in the next issue of Relief--and what's more, it will be the first time Amy and I will be featured in the same issue of the same journal. We're both excited about that.

And special thanks to Ron Silliman for linking to my post about Poem of a Life. I've never had so much traffic here.

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