Friday, April 25, 2008

New Issue

And I'm in it! Alas, not online, or even on the cover, but I have two poems in the latest issue of Measure A Review of Formal Poetry, and I'm in among some heavy hitters as well. My contributions to the issue are "Unhealthy Sonnet" and "i sing of Brian, born of God."

Interesting side note--John DuVal, who runs the Translation program at Arkansas, is in here with two poems of his own and a translation of Charles D'Orleans. When I was in his French Poetry in Translation class a lifetime ago, he offered a version of that translation in class. I did one of my own--not so good--but it was cool to see that translation from so long ago in print, and in the same journal with my own work.

So check out Measure--the link is in the sidebar. Excellent journal of metrical poetry.

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